Saturday, September 25, 2010

The number: $24,000

The long-term goal: Debt-free by September 2012

The short term goal: $1000/month

The means:

:sell unnecessary possessions on ebay + craigslist (Jack)

:vamp up my (O's) etsy shop - promote it and work hard to sell more.  

:$10 a week personal spending each for coffee dates + small luxuries

:cut back text + data plans

:rejoice with each $100 box check-off and celebrate $1000 milestones (freely.)

:bike more

:grocery shop every other week instead of weekly

:keep the temperature in our apartment warmer when it's hot outside and colder when it's cold outside

:stop gym membership when contract expires in February

:sell clothes at consignment shops

:be grateful for what we have

:stop coveting what others have

:stop turning "wants" into "needs"

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