Monday, November 1, 2010

hi, olivia here

i've been MIA lately on this blog, and i apologize.  
jack's been doing a great job apparently!  i love what he has set up with the ads and the clicking and everything.  
i have been busy with my fitness instructor class.  a little too busy - hopefully it will settle down soon.

we scored a few GREAT furniture finds on Craigslist last week.  a FREE bookshelf and a small hutch/tv stand that looks a bit mid-century modern, and is very cool.  i should be more regular in my craigslist free-stuff browsing, because we are really wanting some more furniture to help us organize things.  

let's see, as far as money-saving goes, i think we have settled into a new mindset, and it's so good.  the other day i was really craving this restaurant near us, and i mentioned it to Jack since we were downtown and close by.  i think in the past he would have said, "you want to?  sure, let's go." but this time he said that he really didn't think we should.  it flashed through my mind that this answer could be really disappointing and annoying, but my honest reaction was relief.  we didn't need to go out to eat, we were on our way home, and that he stuck to his gut, and our convictions, was really reassuring to me. 

we're talking about the small purchases as well as the big ones, and verbalizing it all helps us appreciate the value of each dollar.  

{but you know that we also don't want to become stodgy and stuffy with money... so it's a balance between digging in our heels and saying NO, and choosing to let go a little bit and say YES.}

fun fun fun.

i will also be honest and say that there is this $50 table that i am having a hard time either choosing to say NO to and forgetting about, or figuring out a way to raise/earn $50 extra dollars to buy.  It would be the perfect craft/dining table, and to be quite frank, i just WANT IT.  

more to come on that.  

thanks for reading.  this blog has been such a joy for us!


  1. I've been clicking madly.. hope it helps.
    Jo xx

  2. It certainly does. You're holding up your end of the bargain - now the pressure's on us to post more regularly! -jack