Friday, November 19, 2010

free money!

Does that title sound like spam or what?

Well, hopefully, if you are still reading this, your spam reaction must not have been sufficiently violent to close the window immediately, assuming that I must be about to offer you a chance to free the President of Nigeria for only a small payment, etc. Or earn 22.2 percent interest on a no-hassle investment. Or turn your jewelry and silver place settings into CASH NOW!!!!

No, I'm not offering any of those things.
I'm offering something better.

A touch of American nostalgia and a little precious metal. 

We are rapidly approaching our FIRST BOX checked SOLELY through website income!

Not bad, considering we only post a few times a month these days.

To celebrate, we will be having a CELEBRATORY GIVEAWAY.

Someday soon, after the mark has been reached, we will open up the floor for our readers to enter this contest. (To enter we'll ask you to do a few basic things like comment on our blog, link to the blog post from your blog, and click on our ads.)

And then one lucky reader will receive some US minted silver. Why? Because I was a coin collector as a kid, and I've got all these coins lying around. Plus, silver is becoming a safer and safer investment these days. 

Talk to ya'll about this again soon.



  1. hi, it's nice to read your blog! hope you will success with your plan.

  2. What happened to you guys? No posts since November 2010.... Hopefully everyone is happy and healthy and y'all are continuing your efforts to be debt free by 2012.
    I am in the same predicament as you and just stumbled upon your blog!
    God speed,