Wednesday, September 28, 2011

we're back

hi, hello.

we're back, and are greatly humbled.  
we didn't make a decision to stop blogging, to stop publicly celebrating our commitment to be debt-free - - it just sort of happened. 
and since we will always, always share the facts on this blog - 

the truth is that
we somehow started spending more
and now, almost a year later
we have peaked at 
or, if you will, "thirty-four poor"
but have inched down from there to 
and, as i said,
we are back on the horse.  

if there is anyone in the world still reading this, thank you. 
if there is not-  then this is for US. 
we are going to do this!

here is a quote from engaged marriage.  this is our plan:

"It takes passion, energy and commitment to pay off a large amount of debt.  And it takes a lot of hard work.  There’s really no substitute for effort if you want to make a major change in your financial future and live a debt-free marriage.
For us, this meant a firm commitment to incurring no additional debt and a new mindset focused first-and-foremost on paying off our stupid debts.  Practically speaking, the real key for us was building and strictly following a family budget that reduced our spending on things like shopping and eating out at restaurants.  We didn’t take vacations and we kept our entertainment on the simple side.  In a word, we got frugal.
I also worked a LOT, and we used any small amount of money we could come up with to pay off the next debt in our debt snowball.  There weren’t many big moments of major progress.  Instead, it was all about being consistent and maintaining our intensity over the course of several years."

so - this is just to say - we're here, and get ready.

those numbers are going down! 

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