Friday, October 15, 2010

First Milestone!

Celebration is in order.

We have paid off our first $1,000 ($1,200 really) and are renewing our energy into the construction of this blog. We want it to become something truly helpful.

 One of our big discoveries this month was that Citibank, one of our credit card account holders is offering a reward to it's cardholders by giving them 20% of any payments they make over their minimums!
The max amount you can earn each month is your monthly interest amount, so you can be darn sure we will be getting our max each month for the next five months, effectively negating our interest!

Is there anything more exciting than personal finance?



  1. Is there anything more exciting than personal finance..?
    I'm ROTFLMAO... I love it !!

    Actually there is though.. and it's called..
    'Getting one over on the credit card companies by learning to play them at their own game.'

    You're getting there so quickly... it's a pleasure to read.
    Jo xx

  2. Thanks again, Jo. That's becoming one of my favorite games...

    I think I've been subconsciously demonizing credit card companies lately...

  3. You go right ahead and demonize away..
    Not that they need any help from us, when they have done such an effective job of demonizing themselves.. ;o)