Tuesday, October 5, 2010


woo hoo!

5 boxes checked off since September 25th!

and with Jack's eBay sales, we will probably check off a few more either today or tomorrow.  

He has been so disciplined about looking at thrift stores and garage sales for things to sell - and then he brings them home and has such a quick turnaround!  Nothing just sits around, waiting to be sold.  I love his system, and I am so proud of him for doing this, because with such huge profits it really starts to feel like "free money!!"  : ) 

I did some grocery shopping yesterday and broke our every two-week rule, because we ended up running out of things like eggs and butter and milk.  I was baking bread and making cookies for our small group, so I felt like it was necessary.  We might have to be flexible with the two week rule, and maybe do one BIG shopping trip every two weeks, but also be willing to do a very small run for necessities every week.  I don't know.  I don't want to be weak sauce about it.  Since it's still the beginning phase of all of this, we are giving ourselves some wiggle room to figure it all out.  


  1. I have a trick I learned from my mum..
    Bread and milk freeze really really well... so buy them in quantity when they are on special, and freeze them.
    One thing to remember though with the milk though. Write a REVISED best before date on the front when you thaw the carton, because of course it will look out of date otherwise.
    Jo xx
    See.. I've already broken my 'not going to give advise rule'.. that didn't take long.

  2. That of course should be.. 'not going to give adviCe'.

  3. Having a few cartons of long-life UHT milk in the cupboard for emergencies is a good idea too. I also freeze some milk powder for when that runs out as well!

  4. Both are great ideas... I usually make our bread and freeze it, but I never knew that you could freeze milk!